Dysphoric Whispers

by Kognitiv Tod

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released June 7, 2014

All tracks written, recorded and produced by Mitchell Provow.



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Kognitiv Tod Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Infinite Forests of Leaden Repose
Nature Revolves
Inside her Distant Halls
Betrothed to all Including man
So climb her pines high
She ushers you to her sky
Until the sky bleeds pale
I awaken

I enter her halls
embracing her frost
Beholden to her fire
Drinking her night
I begin again
Mother she feeds me
So i'm never cold
The bereaved in twilight
is consoled in blackness
Track Name: In the Valley of the Trolls
Lying in sleepless dysphoria
where darkness enters
A new being is born
Through the exhausting easiness
and endless flames of thought

Suffering for your amusement
A warm rain washes over me
The waves crash upon the rocks
Death in life
Track Name: Desolate Plains of Abundant Mindfulness
We march upon the gate
Tired and Cold
Men with heart
We take what's ours
It's our time again
We march upon the gate

A great Wizard guides us
The night is fierce and all seeing
We know the outcome

We smash upon the gate
An ever blinding light takes us
Where we go we've not foreseen
We let the light take us

The great Wizard guides us
Men of old
We ride again
Track Name: Amorous Graveyard Revival
Amid the boggy graves
a necro dance ensues
Whispers of longing
longing for consummation

Embrace the night
The sensual life fulfilled
We dance

A feast of Rotting Delight
to embrace the night
Deep Inside the boggy graves
a necro dance ensues

In ultimate blackness
Sensually resurrected
Track Name: Return to the Halls of Promethean Stillness
On our way to our Ancestral Halls
I wait to rest
I open my eyes to see beyond the light
into blackness
Where I began
the blackness will survive

I live
just to die
We live
just to die
What bliss

To see again
With real eyes!
My eyes, awake now
I've been up the old clouds
The living blackness
and then alive

Never repent for the life
The life of I
For I create I
And I begin again

Beloved paradox
Beloved blackness
My light
Track Name: Scorching Fires of Intolerable Subservience
The flesh won out
There remain ghosts
Long forgotten ghosts
When flesh wins out
There remain
Long forgotten ghosts
Track Name: Behind The Veil of Eternal Fog
Behind the veil
Where we live
Where we're born

Behind the veil
I close my eyes
I think of sunlight
but i cannot see it

Behind the veil
You dwell in darkness
You refuse the light
Its all I see

Our lives are veiled with how we live
We must procure in order to survive
So lament the sunrise that you'll never see
You like to live
To be behind the veil

For so long I walked in darkness searching for the light
I forgot to embrace the natural night
The gods who loved me were always in my grasp
So embrace your night

You walked in darkness
Never missing the light
Never searching for truth
Because it was always in your grasp
Embrace Eternal Night
Track Name: The Fluidity of I and Me
I am one
with all I know
There is me
The I me
From what I can tell
It has always been and always will be
until I'm no more
and will go on
Continue to be
the food for all

I am the son of all I see
Connected to each and everything
What came before and after me
So gaze upon infinite seas
She is your mother
So gaze upon all the forests
He is your father
Track Name: Desolate Plains of Abundant Mindfulness II
Fathers of Light
Let the light take us
On ghastly Steeds we ride
Always to win again
Guided by forces unseen

True light in darkness

Men of old will always be
New men
We let the light take us

True light in darkness
And so awakened
Suns of Old
Track Name: Great Tides Approaching
She stands on the rocks
always the same
Determined to rearrange
Never to return again

He stands on the rocks
Watching the waves
Never be the same again

We are subject to change
Is it a product of will?
No, we find out
We never change at all

Now I stand on the rocks
and its me I'm looking for
Dive in
Be the same again
Track Name: Pulsing Radiance in a Sweltering Abyss
See her spin the world
Never again
My nights will end

Beloved angel falls
Stabbed through the heart
I watched her fall again

The lonesome beast he preys
on the strong
I've often watched myself