The Nightmare of Being

by Kognitiv Tod

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Written while reading Otto Rank, H.P. Lovecraft and Laird Barron.


released April 25, 2015



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Kognitiv Tod Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Red Waves on the Rocks
Then he turned to face me
and I saw the endless abyss
in his eyes

Black Realms burst

He slaughters indiscriminately
but makes it just a little special for each one

Burst into black realms
Do you see?

Red waves on the rocks
Track Name: Lucid in Sepulcher
The light isn’t coming back
They finally got me
Nothing left to do
but savor the taste
of the blackest of voids
and hear the sound
of the deepest of silences
The light…
I never liked it much anyway
Track Name: All is as Cold as Before
Coitus under dark skies
My hollow soul forfeits the world

New realms await
Oh, a heart again
my own
visible through the aperture
of unreality

But then the light awakens me
and all is as cold as before
Track Name: King in the Void
I watch him march to his great hall
where legions watch in silent awe
and his men all gather
where the best swordsmen swore their lives
and the women wait anxiously for a chance in his bed
and where for ages he has spun worlds in circles
like marionettes that dissolve as quickly as they form
At night his eyes flash with the horrors of all existence
The King in the void
Track Name: Digging Under Stars
I said my goodbyes to the light
and like a reptile
slithered along the margins of all terrain
until my tongue tasted and my eyes beheld the chasm
of the non-linear, carnal habits
that rule all existence
Track Name: Out of the Storm
There’s movement out there
Hey you
Come in out of the storm
Sit by the fire
We’ll sing you a song
that tells the tale
of us great old ones
Don’t worry
it’s only skin
Look through the glass
Feel the coldness within
Now you are new,
not you ever again
Track Name: Ancient Depths
Dive to depths
with pressure
and abominable beings
Unending battles unfold in the deep
Unfathomable power, immeasurable carnage
in the abyssal realms beyond history
tentacles and teeth and flesh revel in in the dark
Track Name: Mississippi Necrosis
It splits the continent
It drives with force
into the ocean

I stand and watch its fiendish movement
its undertow
I was born its son
and yet, I feel no connection at all
only dread
Track Name: Mountains
Yes, give me gore
I drink it up, and burrow within the mountainside
My tongue stretches for miles
and enters the ears of those who travel too far
on the other side of the wood
the creatures all know me and stay far away
I’ve burrowed deep
and if you come close
my tongue will sink into your ear
and whisper the horrors
of infinite souls
who witnessed in their last moments
the vision that awaits all